The first issue of Φανταστικά Χρονικά was released in 2003. The idea belonged to Christodoulos Litharis, who was the first editor-in-chief. Over the years, different people have been involved in its production, with Dimitri Arvanitis being solely responsible for the layout since 2006. During its 20-year-long history, the magazine has featured hundreds of articles regarding literature, cinema, video games and all sorts of other s.f.-related things, as well as a plethora of short stories, either by Greek authors or translated stories by foreign authors. Some highlights include Ken Liu’s “The Paper Menagerie”, Seth Dickinson’s “Anna Saves them All” and Karin Tidbeck’s “Sing”.

The magazine is based solely on voluntary work, and the fact that it is still in circulation and the result is comparable to professional publications is perhaps its most impressive feat.